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GLEONites at PRAGMA 28, Japan - 'data, models, people, compute'

27 April 2015
Our sister network PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly) has recently held its 28th workshop in Nara, Japan on 8-10 April 2015.
In addition to the presence of GLEON founding members Peter Arzberger and Fang-Pang Lin, also founding members of PRAGMA & current active members in both networks, there is major progress update of the PRAGMA-GLEON Expedition (GRAPLE) - Lake Science on Overlay-networked Resources (link to pptx) by Paul Hanson, Cayelan Carey, Renato Figueiredo, Ken Subratie. View GRAPLE in GLEON Project Lists.
About PRAGMA Scientific Expeditions, partnering with ecologists/GLEON, pharmaceutical scientists and more, visit:
See the Blog.GLEON article by Meilan Jiang on how the PRAGMA-GLEON Science Expedition collaboration started, and some recent efforts (interdisciplinary team science, student leadership) the two networks have developed in our synergistic relationship over a decade. 
Photo collage (left): Starting from top left going clockwise: GRAPLE students at GLEON 16 (October 2014), Québec, Canada; GLM Week (March 2015) in Madison, Wisconsin; GRAPLE students at PRAGMA27 (October 2014), Bloomington, Indiana; GRAPLE Workshop at GLEON 16.  PRAGMA 28 Group Photo by NAIST Organizers via Teri Simas.

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