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Special Tribute to GLEONite Jim Conant on 2015 Earth Day

22 April 2015
In honoring the #EarthDay, we would like to bring your attention to remembering GLEONite Jim Conant (1953-2014), in addition to many wonderful celebrations today. We invite you to read this special tribute and share the appreciation we have for many of GLEONites & friends that support the buoys deployment, sensors maintenance, data management and continous efforts to make many research projects possible. They may not have had been to any GLEON meetings, but they are our unsung heroes that contribute to the high-frequency data team science we all strive to move forward in better understanding the changes of the ecosystems on Earth.
"GLEON lost a good friend when James Rand Conant died September 13, 2014 after a long battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Jim was a member of Friends of the Lake and a founding member of the Lillinonah buoy team who played a critical role in the design, deployment and maintenance of the Lillinonah weather station and research buoy. Jim’s ready wit and good nature, as well as his training and experience as an electrical engineer, made him a treasured partner. After his diagnosis, he continued to be a valuable member of the team and was trouble-shooting communication problems via remote login and email until the very end. Jim never attended a GLEON meeting but enjoyed interacting with GLEON members via the GLEON-tech listserv. The remaining members of the buoy team are reminded of Jim every time we see the data magically updated on the Friends of the Lake website or when we see his meticulous labels as we connect sensors to the datalogger every spring. To learn more about this remarkable man, you can find Jim’s obituary online here."  via Jen Klug, Fairfield University
More about Friends of the Lake Lillinonah buoy & GLEON members efforts:


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