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Reservoirs and Lake Management


group working around tableThis working group was formed at the GLEON 14 meeting in Ireland and focuses on research and management of reservoirs and lakes. Because of their use for water supply, power generation, and even recreation, reservoirs are important waterbodies and an ongoing topic of discussion. Reservoirs are also closely linked with lake management, another ongoing topic of research for this working group.

Questions include: How do reservoir systems differ from lake systems? What are the emergent properties of reservoirs? How can high-frequency data help to understand their ecological, physical, and biogeochemical processes? How do human activities influence reservoir dynamics? How can high-frequency data be used to help inform the management of reservoirs and lakes? What findings from GLEON-related research might be relevant for lake management? What other ways is GLEON research being used to provide broader societal benefits? What are the ecological threats and management concerns for lakes studied by members of GLEON's global network?


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