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A standards-based framework for real-time web-available sensor processing services (WASPS)

We intend to use CDI funding to leverage our group’s experience with both data standards and web processing services to create a generic framework for hosting web-available processing nodes that can operate on live streaming data. Our proposed framework is broad and applicable to all USGS mission areas that employ the use of real-time sensors, but our example use-case is to generate a set of web-available sensor processing services (WASPS) for the calculation of lake water column metabolism from instrumented lake buoy data. We have extensive experience in this domain, and hope to utilize the modularity and power of a standards-based approach to the creation of these new science support tools. CDI funds would support the research, development, sharing, and ultimately the publication of these tools. Our group combines USGS investigators with experience in the data and research domains with external collaborators that are experts in network science, limnology, and sensor/software engineering.

2012-10-15 to 2012-11-15
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