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DOMseasons: tracking seasonality in dissolved organic matter

This project was first discussed at GLEON 21 in Huntsville, Canada.

Dissolved organic matter (DOM) is central to the functioning of lakes, but its molecular composition remains a "black box" at large spatial and temporal scales. This project aims to understand how the origin and composition of DOM varies through time using ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry and its association with biogeochemical data collected from high-resolution sensors (e.g. dissolved oxygen, chlorophyll a, fDOM/CDOM). We are interested in collecting water samples at a monthly interval for 1 year from the deepest point in your study lakes. We will process all samples using a standardised protocol and make data freely available for reuse on a cloud server.

Sampling aims to run between November 2020 and October 2021 and will be coordinated across the network to occur mid-month +/- 7 days. We intend to provide standardised consumables to all participants, who will follow a common protocol (available here)

Please register your interest by 29 October 2020 on the following Google Spreadsheet:


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