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How complete is benthic-pelagic coupling by Mysis? A project to quantify vertical distribution and benthic-pelagic exchange

This project was formed during GLEON 21 to test how light and lake depth affect Mysis vertical distribution during the day and if Mysis segregate by size between pelagic and benthic habitats during the day. This group will sample during a consecutive day/night (or night/day) period in the pelagic zone across at least four bathymetric depths per lake during the summer (thermally stratified period). The depths will span the shallowest depths where Mysis are expected (e.g., in Lake Champlain USA, we would start at 40 m) to the maximum depth of the lake. We will evaluate and compare Mysis densities, biomass, and size-frequency distributions across bathymetric depths and will calculate night-day differences in pelagic biomass as a function of light and depth. 

2019-11-08 to 2022-11-08
Project Working Group: 

Project Phase

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