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How do methods used to measure PP or GPP compare?

Hydrobiologists often wish to have immediate data on, for example, primary production (PP) or chl a concentration, but direct measurement of those is often difficult, sometimes even impossible. For chl a, it is easy to use new sensors, but often those need a direct calibration with different algal communities. For measuring PP we regularly have to spend hours on lake and in lab but even then true values sometimes remain unknown. As an alternative, indirect methods are used, which have to be evaluated by comparison with an established technique rather than with the true quantity. If the new method agrees sufficiently well with the old one, the latter may be replaced. In this study we are comparing three different methods used for production measurements along GLEON sites. We estimate production rates with the diel-O2 method and with an empirical method and will compare the results with the widely used 14C method. Our objective is to find out how do methods used to measure production compare; do all methods provide similar estimates and under what conditions do they provide dissimilar estimates? We expect that with our analysis we will find out the best and easiest method to describe the lake carbon production.

2011-06-01 to 2013-12-01

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