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Lake Analyzer

Lake Analyzer is a set of tools developed by GLEON members that allows users to calculate common metrics for lake physical states, such as Lake Number, Schmidt stability and Wedderburn number. All source code (Matlab), as well executables, are freely available and open source.

Lake Analyzer Website

Code and Other versions

Lake Analyzer is available in both Matlab and R versions.
Matlab code on GitHub.
R version available through CRAN. Code on GitHub.

If used, please cite

Read JS, DP Hamilton, ID Jones, K Muraoka, LA Winslow, R Kroiss, CH Wu, E Gaiser. 2011. Derivation of lake mixing and stratification indices from high-resolution lake buoy data. Environmental Modelling and Software. 26: 1325-1336.


Additional information can be found in the LakeAnalyzer Manual.

2011-01-01 to 2017-01-01

Project Phase

Project Lead


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