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Long-term global changes in DOC

The primary question that we asked in this project is whether regional patterns of doubling of DOC observed in NE North America and Europe are reflected globally in lakes? Our approach to addressing this question was to identify existing datasets for geographic gaps and temporal coverage. If these data were available, we intended to evaluate geographic patterns in time series. We also planned to convert other metrics (e.g. color) to DOC if needed since many regions simply do not seem to have much DOC data. We also planned to evaluate biotic consequences for changes in UV transparency. For example, natural solar radiation is highly effective as a disinfectant, killing parasites, pathogens, and invasive species in surface waters. We thus planned to look at loss of disinfection potential stimulated by increases in DOC.

UPDATE: An extensive search for DOC data in additional geographic regions of the world has led to only a very few data sets in regions where the data have not already been published. Thus for the time being this project has come to an end. If others in GLEON know of additional sources of long-term DOC data in regions outside of the USA and Europe, please notify the leaders of this working group.

2012-10-01 to 2013-11-01
Project Working Group: 

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