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MixMet: lake mixing and metabolism

In this project we explore the impacts of changing lake mixing regimes on whole-lake metabolism. Warming of global surface waters implies widespread changes to lakes’ mixing regimes, from stronger stratification and fewer mixing events to divergent heating of surface and deep waters. Together, these changes can dramatically alter the rate, location and timing of lake primary production and respiration (hot spots and hot moments). While recent efforts focus on shifts in primary production, much less is known about changes in whole-lake metabolism. This project aims to address this knowledge gap by utilizing high resolution timeseries of dissolved oxygen (DO) and water temperature (T) combined with open source computing tools (e.g. LakeMetabolizer). With decadal timeseries of DO and T now becoming available, meaningful comparisons of ecosystem productivity in warmer and colder years are possible. The question we ask in this project is: do anticipated shifts in stratification phenology change whole-lake metabolism in a predictable way? The MixMet project was initiated at GLEON 21.5 and is currently in the startup phase. We are looking for Project Leads who would like to contribute to formulation of research questions and help coordinate data acquisition. 

2021-09-10 to 2022-09-30

Project Phase

Project Lead

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