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MMOM (Modelling Metalimnetic Oxygen Minima)

We've observed the occurrence of metalimnetic oxygen minima (MOM) in different lakes and reservoirs. We are using GLM-AED to explore and compare possible causes of MOMs. Probable causes can be

  1. lateral transport of low-oxygen water (interflow)
  2. decomposition/respiration of particulate organic matter (settling of phytoplankton or bloom at thermocline)
  3. sediment oxygen demand.

These are all related to (a) high productivity (mineralisation of cyanobacteria blooms), (b) high stability and low vertical diffusivity (isolation of metalimnion), (c) metalimnion below light compensation point (low transparency in epilimnion).

2018-12-05 to 2019-12-05
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