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Oligotrophic Cyanobacteria Blooms Short Paper

This group is working to develop a perspectives style paper on cyanobacteria blooms in oligotrophic systems.The high nutrient paradigm for cyanobacterial growth is well cited in the literature and a widely accepted concept in the field of cyano bloom ecology, but oligotrophic systems have well-documented blooms. We argue that cyanobacterial blooms in oligotrophic systems are not an unexpected phenomenon due to their evolutionary adaptations that allow them to be successful across diverse ecosystems  and the lake physical processes support these adaptations. As we look toward the future we should also consider mechanisms that drive blooms in oligotrophic lakes. Assumptions surrounding the high nutrient and/or high temperature paradigm for cyanobacterial blooms is a hindrance to our understanding of bloom ecology.  

Project Working Group: 

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