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The overarching goal of this PRAGMA-GLEON expedition is to collaborate across the disciplines of computer science and limnology to discover the controls over the wax and wane of lake phytoplankton communities. By connecting the scientific community with data and model resources (developed by the modeling group), this expedition enables advanced simulation of lake hydrodynamics and water quality to address research questions. The expedition core collaborators will focus initially on three CI challenges: organizing and structuring heterogeneous data from multiple data providers; tracking/managing the collection of resources so that all stakeholders can participate in some meaningful way; tracking/ managing attribution for stakeholders. One activity in the expedition is the deployment of an IPOP overlay virtual network and HTCondor across participating GLEON/PRAGMA institutions to enable aggregation and sharing of computational resources and models by a distributed group of collaborators. Put another way... you can run thousands of simulations for your lake through PRAGMA/GLEON resources.


2014-05-23 to 2016-05-23

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