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Relationship between light exposure and in situ Chlorophyll Fluorescence

It is commonly observed from high frequency monitoring of in situ chlorophyll fluorescence that the maximum daily fluorescence values are measured at night time, and minimum values occur during the day. The signal processing group has used a relative ratio of the daily variations in chlorophyll fluorescence as a potential indicator of phytoplankton physiology. The ratio is defined as

Fratio = (Fn-Fd)/Fn

Where: Fn = Maximum chlorophyll fluorescence value measured during the night (22:00-03:00)
Fd = Chlorophyll fluorescence values measured during the day

The purpose of this project is to examine the relationship between the calculated Fratio and the light exposure calculated at the time of measurement and the cumulative light exposure calculated from the time of measurement and back in time.

Data from the 18 lakes that have been used in other GLEON signal processing projects are also used here.

2014-06-01 to 2015-06-01

Project Phase

Project Lead


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