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Snapshot multi-lake surveys: a shot at coupling efficiency with accuracy

This project aims at producing an opinion paper regarding the value, the strength and the weakness of snapshot lake surveys. We attempt to give an accurate definition of what snapshot sampling means based on the frequency of sampling linked to the dynamics of the phenomenon of interest. Starting from this, we will explore the - potential - advantages of using snapshot sampling such as a large geographical area covered, networked science, evaluation of new methods. We support these claims with evidence from successful projects such as the National Lakes Assessment (EPA) and the European Multi Lake Survey (EU COST Actions). The limitations of this sampling approach will also be listed and discussed (e.g. temporal variation like seasonal variation not explored, logistic difficulties etc) all validated by the personal experience of the participating authors. In the end, we aim to make the criteria available which are required for a successful snapshot sampling survey. All of those interested are very welcome to contact the project leads.

2016-08-15 to 2017-03-31

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