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Temporal changes in anoxic/hypoxic lake volumes

In this study, we are using long-term records of seasonally-measured dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature profiles to examine long-term trends in the volume of anoxic and hypoxic waters and the rates of change through time of seasonal deep-water DO draw down. We will examine whether changing seasonal deep water DO depletion rates or stratification durations better explain observed changes. Recent past work has established that DO concentrations are declining in both surface and deep waters of many lakes, and that these declines are driven by a combination of increasing surface water temperatures, changes in the quality of stratification, and changes in water clarity. Hypoxic/anoxic water influences key ecosystem services such as provisioning of fish habitat, as well as processes such as internal phosphorus loading and methane storage and emission. This project will look at trends in the amount of hypoxic/anoxic water in lakes, using a global dataset of lake temperature and DO profiles.

2020-01-01 to 2020-12-31
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