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Projects List

This section provides a summary of ongoing and completed collaborative GLEON research projects.

What defines a project as being a GLEON project?

A project may be considered for inclusion in this list when
  • The idea was generated by a GLEON working group
  • The project uses GLEON data/tools
  • The idea came out of discussions at a GLEON meeting
  • The idea came out of discussions in a GLEON forum (or, for example, the GLEON tech list or session at another professional meeting)
  • The idea was presented at a GLEON meeting with an open invitation for additional participants
  • GLEON is acknowledged in the publication
  • GLEON was leveraged to get funding for the work (maybe wrote a letter of support?)
Simply put, anything you consider to be GLEON related or attributed to GLEON ideally should be part of the list. In the spirit of inclusion and transparency, we hope that project leaders, coordinators, and members agree and choose to post their project summaries on Project Tracker.

Projects are in a certain phase of their life cycle which is color coded:
GreenThis project is open to all participants who can contribute (e.g., data, expertise, or other)
YellowThis project has moved beyond it's start up phase, has defined it's goal(s), and is making progress. Further input (data, expertise, or other) is only requested if it is specially needed by the group to complete the project.
Red This project is completed (e.g. the scentific publication is out or other types of agreed end products have been delivered).
Titlesort descending Leaders Working Group Associated Lakes Phase
Snapshot multi-lake surveys: a shot at coupling efficiency with accuracy Yellow
SP and metabolism
Signal Processing and Fluorescence Working Group Green
SP: Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Episodic events Signal Processing and Fluorescence Working Group Green
Spring Blitz The Theory Working Group (TTG) Lake Annie, Lake Erken, Harp Lake, Geneva, Lake Tarawera, Lake Verevi Red
State of the Lakes Survey Reservoirs and Lake Management Yellow
Temperature quenching of Chl fluorescence Signal Processing and Fluorescence Working Group Yellow
Temperature Sentinels Global Project: Global patterns in lake thermal structure show diverging trends in deepwater temperature and thermocline depth Climate Sentinels Working Group Lake Lacawac, Lake Giles, Castle, Douglas Lake, Lake Annie, Crystal Bog Lake, Crystal Lake, Lake Mendota, Sparkling Lake, Trout Bog Lake, Trout Lake, Lake Wingra, Blue Chalk, Chub, Crosson, Dickie, Harp Lake, Heney, Plastic, Flathead Lake, Acton Lake, Lake Erken, Lake Wallenpaupack, Toolik Lake Red
Temperature Sentinels NENA: In Depth Study of Lake Thermal Responses to climate change in northeastern North America Climate Sentinels Working Group Lake Lacawac, Lake Giles, Lake Sunapee Red
Temperature Sentinels Project Phase I: Thermal Responses of Two Small Lakes Climate Sentinels Working Group Lake Lacawac Red
Temporal changes in anoxic/hypoxic lake volumes Climate Sentinels Working Group Yellow


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