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NETLAKE guidelines for automated monitoring system development

TitleNETLAKE guidelines for automated monitoring system development
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsLaas A., de Eyto E., Pierson D., Jennings E.
Series TitleNETLAKE guidelines for automated monitoring system development.Technical report. NETLAKE COST Action ES1201.

<p>Are you interested in setting up some automatic monitoring for a waterbody you are interested in, but do not know where to start? This set of guidelines provides useful information on the practicalities of deploying and maintaining automatic monitoring stations (AMS) in lakes and reservoirs. The guidelines have been developed and reviewed by members of the NETLAKE group who have many years&rsquo; experience in automatic monitoring. The subject areas were chosen after a NETLAKE member-wide survey, where people were asked about the main stumbling blocks to setting up their AMS. Before you start, you should ask yourself a couple of questions, the answers to which will help you design your AMS and decide on its form and function:</p><p>Why do you want to conduct high frequency monitoring (HFM)?</p><p>How much time and technical support do you have?</p><p>Do you have GPRS coverage?</p><p>Where will you put it?</p><p>What is the bathymetry of the waterbody in question like?</p><p>What depth of water is there?</p><p>What is the prevailing wind direction?</p><p>Will there be security issues?</p><p>Is the water body used for water abstraction?</p>


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