Student Workshops

The GLEON Student Association (GSA) organizes student-oriented workshops for the All Hands' Meetings, and in 2021 launched the GLEON GSA Limnoseries: Workshops & Lectures.

Workshop Subcommittee (2021)

Past members:

Student Workshops at All Hands' Meetings

  • GLEON 21.5 Virtual Meeting Workshops.
  • GLEON 21 Student Workshop: An introduction to ecological forecasting in lakes; Simple guidelines for writing scientific papers; and Tidyverse: reading, graphing, and manipulating data from a non-programmer's view (2019)
  • GLEON 20 Student Workshop: Processing high-frequency lake data in R (2018)
  • GLEON 19 Student Workshop: R programming and Communicating Science (2017)
  • GLEON 18 Student Workshop: Doing the most with your data: Processing, products, metadata and web applications (2016)
  • GLEON 17 Student Workshops: Environmental Data-Driven Inquiry and Exploration of GLEON data in classrooms; Lake Modeling with GLM Module (run through R); Building a simple lake model using R; and Team Science: Best Practices (2015)
  • GLEON 16 Student Workshop: Internal and External Force Interactions and Biological Responses in Lakes (2014)
  • GLEON 15 Student Workshop: Working with high frequency data: GLEON tools and local
    case study of Laguna La Salada (2013)
  • GLEON 14 Student Workshops: Introduction to Team Science; Case Study Issues and Challenges in Team Science; and Developing Your Professional Identity in Science (2012)
  • GLEON 13 Student Workshop: Communicating Science (2011)
  • GLEON 12 Student Workshop: Introduction to Lakebase: VADER, Lakebase and more (2011)
  • GLEON 11 Student Workshop (documents: login required) (2010)
  • GLEON 10 Student Workshop: Hydrodynamics: field data collection and instrumentation (2010)

Other Workshops

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Updated: April 15, 2021

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