GLEON Student Association (GSA)

The GLEON Student Association (GSA) informs, trains, and mentors students, enabling the next generation of scientists to participate in collaborative, international, and interdisciplinary network science.

The GLEON GSA is run by and for GLEON student members with direction from the GLEON RCN Steering Committee. The group is led by a chair, a co-chair and a co-chair elect, all graduate student members of GLEON. In addition to tremendous opportunities afforded by human networking, GLEON provides high-impact experiences for students. The GLEON Student Association acts to communicate and facilitate the many opportunities for students within the GLEON network, including:

We encourage students to view the GSA Operating Principles and Procedures (GSA OPP),  become a GLEON member and get involved!


GSA Subcommittees

Communications Subcommittee

Posters Subcommittee

    Workshop Subcommittee

      Past GSA Chairs


      Past GSA Advisors

      Updated: 10 Aug 2020

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