Limnoseries: Workshops & Lectures

Limnoseries: Workshops & Lectures 2021

The GSA workshop sub-committee is excited to bring you GLEON GSA Limnoseries: Workshops & Lectures 2021. This exciting new GLEON event will run every other month, starting in February 2021 and bring you lectures and hands-on workshops covering the length and breadth of the GLEON network. Lectures will cover topics from physics to fish, and workshops from data collection, data analysis and science communication. The series will enable students and faculty members alike to gain new knowledge and skills and for individuals to present and share their expertise with their GLEON colleagues. As recordings are available, they will be added to the Limnoseries playlist on GLEON's YouTube channel.

Limnoseries 2021 First Edition
The first edition of the GLEON Limnoseries will be on the 23rd and 26th of February.
23-02-2021, 8:00 CST / 15:00 CET: Introduction to LaTeX
Workshop by Johannes Feldbauer & César Ordóñez
A short introduction into the world of LaTeX, an old and powerful typesetting software that can be used to produce beautiful documents. LaTeX is a markup language like Markdown, which means that you write a source code with commands that tells the software about the structure of your document, which then is compiled into a pdf document. This may seem a little bit cumbersome and while LaTeX has a quite steep learning curve there are definite advantages in using LaTeX to produce your manuscript. We want to explain to you why we think LaTeX is worth the effort and start together on your first .tex document. Click here to view the LaTeX Workshop recording.
26-02-2021, 8:00 CST / 15:00 CET: Science Communication
Lecture by Rebecca North
Science communication is critical for sharing your hard-earned results and data. This presentation will provide tips on giving both oral and poster presentations to a variety of audiences. As scientists, we are also storytellers, and there are some tricks-of-the-trade for making your stories stick and some pitfalls to avoid. At the end of this presentation you should be better prepared to present effective and engaging scientific presentations. Click here to view the Science Communication Lecture.
Limnoseries 2021 Second Edition
The second edition of the GSA Limnoseries will be on March 31st and April 23rd 2021. Click here to view the flyer.
31-03-2021, 07:00 (UTC): Timeseries Analysis for Ecologists
Workshop by Ulrike Obertegger
An introduction to the challenges of time-series data and demonstration of different analysis methods. This is not a technical course but a practical demonstration of what can be done to solve certain ecological questions. All the analyses are done in R and thus a basic understanding of R coding is helpful. Outline:
  • Introduction on basic terminology
  • Classic time-series analyses. Mann Kendall, Sen Theil trend estimation
  • Change point analysis
  • Modeling time-series with cosine trends
  • GAM
  • Clustering of time-series with DTW
This seminar will not be recorded, so make sure to register your attendance to attend live!
23-04-2021, 16:00 (UTC): Climate drivers, morphometry factors, and thermal responses of a moderate deep tropical lake
Lecture by Gilberto Fonseca Barroso
The lecture will address Lake Terra Alta, a deep Brazilian tropical lake (Zmax = 24.22m and Zmean = 9.99m), thermal responses based on high-frequency meteorological and thermal measurements (2014 to 2018) with a low-cost buoy. Regional climate and lake morphometry indices were applied to clarify temporal thermal variability, including the 2015-16 severe regional drought.
Due to the international nature of GLEON, the organisers have aimed to schedule the series across a variety of timezones. Last months’ seminars primarily coincided with timezones in the Americas and Europe and so this month we have aimed to accomodate more members in Asia and Australasia. 
Limnoseries 2 Registration
If you would like to attend one or both of these seminars, please fill in the following form:
Zoom links will be sent to those that have registered, plus any instructions to download materials. The deadline for the Workshop is March 25th and for the Lecture it is April 16th.
Future Workshops
Additional workshops and lectures are scheduled for 2021. Look for more information closer to the time:
  • May Workshop: Introduction to Ecological Forecasting - Tadhg Moore
  • June Workshop: Introduction to lake ecosystem modelling with WETTobias Kuhlmann Andersen
  • June Lecture: Characterising grazing impacts in Lough Feeagh - Maria Caldero Pascual
  • August Workshop: Fast data processing in R with data.tableJorrit Mesman
  • August Lecture: Mixing Dynamics: From Hutchinson to the 21st Century 21st CenturySally MacIntyre
  • October Workshop: Introduction to Geospatial Raster and Vector Data with R  - Joseph Stachelek
  • October Lecture: Climate change effects on lakes: does latitude make a difference?Benjamin M Kraemer

Updated: 15 April 2021

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