Student Opportunities at GLEON Meetings

At GLEON meetings, students and the GLEON Student Association have a significant presence and contribute substantially to the organization, leadership, collaborations, and search projects that underpin GLEON.

Student Poster Session

This two-hour event allows students to present a summary of their research, ideas and to interact with all GLEON meeting participants. It is an excellent opportunity to highlight your research, network with experienced GLEON scientists, and learn about other student members' research. We encourage you to develop a poster that is accessible to scientists and engineers alike.  

student modeling workshopCool Things

[The following description was applicable up to GLEON 13 All-Hands Meeting. Since GLEON 14 the novel updates are presented as posters at GLEON meetings.] GLEON's Cool Things session includes several short (~10 min) presentations but GLEON members doing cutting edge, novel work. It is intended to be a casual presentation of recently acquired data or results. Students are invited to participate and lead a presentation. Email the GLEON Student Association co-chairs if you are interested in leading a presentation with the proposed title, the presenter, other authors and 1-2 sentence description about it.

Network Partnership Program (NPP)

Since GLEON 9, Program Committee has implemented a mentoring program to increase student involvement and integration into the network. The program (NPP) matches each GLEON meeting student participant, New-to-GLEON Partner, with more experienced members in the GLEON community, GLEON Partners

Students are matched with a NPP Partner based on experience in the network and scientific interests. The exact terms of this mentorship will vary depending on the particular needs of the New-to-GLEON and GLEON Partners. The GLEON Partner is expected to be friendly and supportive, make frequent contact with the Student/New-to-GLEON Partner during the meeting, and introduce her/him to other GLEON members. This partnership will provide an opportunity for enhanced networking facilitated by the GLEON Partners and foster increased collaboration and collegiality.

student poster sessionFuture plans for the GLEON Student Association include student workshops outside of annual GLEON meetings, where students come together to make tangible progress on specific GLEON science-related questions, for the purpose of reaching a targeted goal. Examples include conducting a collaborative experiment, generating a research proposal, or drafting a manuscript.

We encourage student participants in GLEON meetings to read about the GLEON working groups and get involved. Before you attend a meeting you may want to check out:

Working Group Information and Notes

All-Hands Meeting Information

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