Other GLEON Student Opportunities

GLEON hosts and encourages a number of other activities, including small research group meetings outside of regular GLEON meetings. GLEON is a multidisciplinary international grass roots network. Therefore, the programs and activities that occur are the result of individual involvement, leadership, and passion.

Student collaboration and involvement extend well beyond GLEON all-hands meetings. If you are interested in organizing a GLEON session or workshop in international or regional aquatic science meetings such as ASLO, SIL, ESA, ILTER, US-LTER and more, please contact both the GLEON Steering Committee co-chairs and GSA leaders.

mendota crea and buoyRecent Examples of such activities are:

  • Freshwater Advanced Aquatic Sensor Workshop: Sensors, Platform and Data Management 201, Michigan (videos)
  • Special sessions at ESA (Ecological Society America) or ASLO Annual Meetings
  • Summer Course 2011: Automatic Stations and High-Frequency Data Analysis, Sweden
  • Delta Internship, Spring 2009 - (PowerPoint),(Final Report PDF)  Ashley Shade


Interested in starting a new activity? Feel free to email your GLEON Student Association leaders: gsa.gleon@gmail.com.

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