GLEON Student Science

The science that GLEON conducts spans from data integration and information technology to aquatic ecology and limnology. As such, there are many opportunities for students from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines to get involved, contribute, and learn. GLEON provides a unique learning experience for students. As a grassroots organization, GLEON provides opportunities for students to create, lead, and network with top scientists. As an organization on the frontiers of ecology and information technology, GLEON provides opportunities for students to learn new skills and collaborate with individuals from disciplines as diverse as network engineers, physical limnologists, and aquatic ecologists. GLEON science covers many domains that provide unique student training opportunities that are unparalleled academic environments.

Many GLEON students are co-leading working group projects and publications. Please check out those tabs on GLEON website respectively and contact them if you have questions.

Interested in leading, joining, or initiating a new GLEON student science project? Feel free to email your GLEON Student Association leaders or the current GSA advisor, Catherine O'Reilly

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