Decommissioned GLEON software products

This page documents GLEON software projects that are informing and guiding current approaches but are no longer functioning:

VegA Data EditoR (VADER)

VADER is a java application designed to very quickly and efficiently retrieve large amounts of layerhigh-resolution sensor data. Its functionality is similar to dbBadger but should have much improved query times.


dbBadger retrieves and temporally synchronizes data from the Vega datamodel. It includes functionality to output unsynchronized data, temporally synchronized data, interpolated data, and time-weighted aggregated data.


Vega is a tool for viewing graphed data from Vega grouped by site. It is primarily utilized for manual tech monitoring of sampled variables. All available hi-res streams are plotted. Note: Hi-res water-temp profiles for some sites can be slow to render as they represent a high number of datapoints (over 200,000 from Mendota Buoy). This tool is built upon vegaPlot, described below.

Winslow, L. A., B. J. Benson, K. E. Chiu, P. C. Hanson, and T. K. Kratz 2008. Vega: a flexible data model for enironmental time series data (PDF).  Pages 166-171 in Gries. C. and M. B. Jones (eds). Proceedings of Environmental Information Management Conference 2008.  Albuquerque, NM September 10-11, 2008.

Now Casting*

Now Casting is a nearly real-time buoy obervation and model prediution, nowcasting, was created at the subtropical, alpine lake, Yuan Yang Lake (YYL), in the northern Taiwan by several research groups.  The primary purpose of the nowcasting is to do monitoring YYL physical and partly chemical dynamics in the termporal and spatial variations.

(*Currently the system/website is unavailable and under major maintenance. Apologies for the inconvenience. If you have any questions, please contact both Nobuaki Kimura and Grace Hong. Last updated: 15 March 2012)

Controlled Vocabulary

Controlled Vocabulary (XLS) is a list of terms to use when searching the GLEON database.

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