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Networked Lake Science

The Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network conducts innovative science by sharing and interpreting high resolution sensor data to understand, predict and communicate the role and response of lakes in a changing global environment. 

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GLEON’s blog is organized by GSA leaders and maintained by various GLEON members to communicate with members of the network and advance the GSA’s mission of informing, training and mentoring student members.Visit


What's New

  • GLEON 2024 Virtual Meeting Website - Coming soon! Check back for a link to the website and information about how to register. (9 February 2024)
  • NOTICE: The GLEON website is currently under maintenance. We kindly request that GLEON members not update projects, submit membership applications or make changes to their profiles until further notice. Thank you for your patience while we restore a more recent version of the website. (10 January 2024)
  • GLEON 2023 Poland Meeting - Visit the GLEON 2023 Poland Meeting website for more information. 
  • GLEON 2023 Virtual Meeting - Visit the GLEON 2023 Virtual Meeting website for information.
  • GLEON 2022 Lake George Meeting - Visit the GLEON 2022 Meeting website for more information.
  • GLEON 2021 Virtual Meeting Request to Participate (RTP) is now open - Please fill out the RTP form by Friday, May 21st if you are planning to participate in the virtual meeting this year. 
  • Save the date! The GLEON 2021 All Hands' Meeting is going virtual again the week of October 4-8, 2021. Check the GLEON 2021 meeting website for updates. (8 Mar 2021)
  • GSA Limnoseries: Workshops & Lectures 2021 - The GLEON Student Association (GSA) workshop subcommittee has launched this exciting new event to run every other month, starting in February 2021. (19 Feb 2021)
  • GLEON Postcards Not-from-the-Field - Our members have largely been working from home these past ten months, so we invited them to send us “Postcards NOT-from-the-Field,” a spin-off of our “Postcards from the Field” series in this blog.gleon post. (13 Jan 2021)
  • New GLEON Slack Workspace! - GLEON established a Slack workspace to support communications for the GLEON 21.5 Virtual Meeting and beyond. Learn more about this collaborative space in this blog.gleon post. (18 Nov 2020)
  • Ask the scientists: GLEON - Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network members share how they got involved in GLEON, their roles within the network, and what they hope to achieve with GLEON in the years to come in this post on the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies website. (17 Nov 2020)
  • GLEON 21.5 Virtual Meeting - GLEON is holding a virtual All Hands' Meeting this year during the week of 19-22 October, 2020. More than 175 registered participants will meet online to plan collaborative projects for the upcoming year. For more information, visit the meeting website. (19 Oct 2020)
  • Meet Rosaura Chapina, the new co-chair elect for the GLEON Student Association - Rosie Chapina was appointed the new Co-Chair Elect for the GLEON Student Association and will collaborate with GSA Chair Tadhg Moore and Co-Chair Abdou Bah in this important role. Learn more about her love for Mysis research in this blog.gleon post. (4 Sep 2020)
  • How a GLEON working group influenced my research - Lesley Knoll describes how participating in the GLEON winter limnology working group influenced her research in this blog.gleon post. (24 June 2020)

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